Wherever and whenever you need us, we are your pillar of strength.

Every service ICA offers can be bundled with others or delivered separately to meet any requirement. Adept in providing both inside and outside services and resources, ICA specializes in appraisal services as well as full adjustments for damages to structures, contents, and commercial properties.

ICA is extremely comfortable working with multiple estimating platforms, varying policyholder demographics, and diverse geographic dispersion, either in the field, in our facilities, or in our clients' facilities. We are conditioned to excel in highly customized work environments for the benefit of complying with our client's requirements, which is an essential part of our service response model.  Also, ICA actively engages in client specific ‘certifications’ as requested.

With each applicable service, we also offer re-inspection programs designed to ensure that a healthy set of checks and balances are in place, which can be implemented either by the carrier, or by ICA as an objective third party, to prevent fraud and provide quality assurance to ensure all claims are handled satisfactorily and timely. Explore our primary options to find the level of service that works best for your business.


  • Personal Property
  • Catastrophe Services
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Business Interruption
  • Commercial Losses
  • Third Party Administration
  • Training Programs
  • Re-inspections
  • Casualty
  • Farm & Ranch
  • Real Estate Owned (REO)
  • Builder’s Risk

Providing relief, one claim at a time.

Insurance companies help policyholders protect what matters most. ICA represents those companies at the most critical time - the time of loss. We understand the difference prompt, personal attention makes when a Homeowner or Renter is faced with damage or loss. Our business is centered on empathy, understanding, and care during that time of need. Our goal is to offer a claims experience that goes above and beyond the normal standards of service, wherever you need assistance.

  • Homeowners/Dwelling Fire – structural loss caused by all perils
  • Contents – Desk Review and Field Inventory services
  • Condominium – 1st party, liability and Loss Assessment claims
  • REO Property and Lender Placed Hazard claims programs

Expertise for every situation.

Taking great pride in providing accurate documentation for every type of claims handling, ICA's property and casualty claims adjusters have been trained in the art of investigation. Our adjusters have the expertise to obtain written and recorded statements, secure salvage, negotiate settlements and identify subrogation. Whether a partial investigation or a full assignment, our objective is to tailor our claim services to fit your specific needs.

Our Senior, Executive and General Adjusters can provide you with the strong foundation needed to settle your most complex commercial claims.  Armed with extensive work experience and superior technical knowledge, ICA’s adjusters can serve your needs without restriction and provide a valuable asset at your disposal.

  • Small damage appraisals to multi-million dollar fire losses
  • Trained staff of Senior, Executive and General Adjusters
  • Certified Commercial Adjuster list
  • Management direction of each claim when assigned
  • All insurer and policy types
  • Client driven approach for consistent oversight on every file

Fast & efficient handling at the most critical moment.

When catastrophe strikes, our clients require instant, on-site response, regardless of the location or weather conditions.  Our network of offices along with our centralized assignment system dispatching all loss details in seconds affords you the ability in times of crisis to hit the ground running.  With two decades of catastrophe experience, ICA has the knowledge, talent, and expertise to manage and control the handling of your claims.

ICA is there as a steady and reliable presence, providing immediate action, long-term assistance, and unwavering reassurance to all those involved. Our staff is specially trained for the devastation that can be caused by nature with extensive experience in hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, hail, fire, earthquakes, and winter storms.

During times of crises, it is especially important that we offer a quality product tailored to your specific format and needs, completed without delay. Whether an appraisal or full adjustment, ICA offers no geographical limitations and is prepared to bring relief, maintain professionalism, and react in a timely manner throughout the entire aftermath of a catastrophe.

  • Catastrophe team on call 24/7
  • Field Personnel dedicated specifically to your claims
  • Claim intake center to handle any increase of file volume
  • Onsite field resource centers
  • Proprietary software for claim life tracking 
  • Office support staff assistance with challenging files

TPA & Support

Let ICA provide your office with skilled, qualified, and motivated insurance personnel who are ready to keep your office running smoothly.

We provide effective and efficient third party administration services through our national network of experienced adjusters.  We offer full-program administration with electronic data transfer, financial account management, as well as one-point-of-contact office services.  Our product lines include AL, GL, property, commercial, trucking, and municipal liability. From incoming calls to processing final paperwork for home office billing, we relieve you of the details of claims processing.

Training Programs

In a highly computerized world, ICA is dedicated to training our personnel for the ever-changing claims environment.  We provide three tiers of essential educational programs designed to give our adjusters and staff a competitive edge through quick turnaround times, quality estimates, and always solid customer service.  Adjusters aren't the only focus here; ICA is excited to offer the same training to our customers as well!

Our entire business model is built on reassurance and comfort to our customers through excellent customer service. We aim to instill these values in every relationship we forge.

  • Classroom-based training - provides instruction and validates competency in a curriculum of core subjects
  • Web‐ex based training - Live and recorded sessions that reoccur throughout the year
  • Virtual training on demand - Self-serve classroom course content for continued referencing